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Savlen Studios presents a new way to support your favorite NGOs

This innovative offer comes with many perks, but let’s talk about the most obvious first. Get a limited edition Michael Savlen digital art piece that you can keep in your collection forever or resell in the secondary market.

Support a Worthy Cause

One-third of every purchase goes to the Wild Steelhead Coalition, a group restoring steelhead populations to sustainable levels that support local economic growth.

Environmentally Friendly

 One of the biggest complaints about blockchain payments and NFTs is the carbon footprint. Our platform’s energy usage is negligible and will be carbon-negative in 2022!

Easy Payment Processing

NFTs are usually purchased with crypto, which excludes a lot of buyers. We created a widget that lets you pay with your card! No digital wallet is needed.

Why not just donate the NFTs to the Wild Steelhead Coalition?

In the past, we’ve donated art directly to the NGOs we love. They sell at auction to raise money for the NGO, but charity auctions tend to undercut the value of the art and sell it for much less than it’s worth. That hurts the artist and the nonprofit organization.
That’s why we’ve created this high-value offer. You receive a limited edition NFT, and the organization gets a fair and predictable portion of the proceeds.

Your Savlen NFT is your ticket to winning big.

You’re not just buying an NFT. You’re getting your ticket to win prizes, trips, events, and more – now and in the future! You’ll also receive access to our exclusive social media group with your purchase.

The Grand Prize

For 90 days only, we’re giving away an original Michael Savlen physical painting to one lucky NFT buyer. The painting is titled “Vanishing Native” an impressionistic depiction of a wild steelhead valued at $15,000

How about a cherry on top?

Every NFT purchase comes with a gift card to Savlen Studios, where you’ll find original marine life art from painter Michael Savlen.

These limited edition NFT's will only be minted for 90 days. Don’t miss your chance to join a community of collectors who are changing the world.

When you submit your order, you’ll receive an email with instructions to retrieve your NFT. The email will include your gift card, your invitation to the exclusive NFTS4Conservation Savlen Facebook group, and contact information where you can direct all of your questions and feedback.
Forget the complicated, old-fashioned method of purchasing NFTs. Get yours right here, without buying or trading any cryptocurrency

NFT Previews

Steelhead Platinum $25,000

Receive a one-of-a-kind NFT – the first-ever Savlen NFT mint – 20 entries to win “Vanishing Native” along with  the original 18 x 24 inch “Sipping in Sunlight” painting on canvas with your choice of frame. You’ll also receive a limited edition Savlen  Sportswear Steelhead T-shirt and a meet-and-greet with the artist.

Steelhead Gold $500

Vanishing Native Gold NFT.  Includes 10 entries to win the original and a $75 Savlen Studios gift card. Only 500 available

Steelhead Silver $250

Vanishing Native Silver NFT.  Includes 5 entries to win the original and a $50 Savlen Studios gift card. Only 750 available

Steelhead Bronze $125

Vanishing Native Bronze NFT.  Includes 1 entry to win the original and a $25 Savlen Studios gift card. Only 1000 available

2022 is heating up for Savlen Studios.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for conservation efforts over the next 12 months. With your support and an NFT model that delivers unbeatable value to our collectors and supporters, we’ll get there in no time. Join us in the fight to save the wild steelhead and the communities that rely on them.

mikendonna copy

About “Vanishing Native”

Size: 30″ x 30″ 
Medium: Acrylic on Board

Artist inspiration: “This piece was painted in an effort to help the Wild Steelhead Coalition raise awareness about the declining numbers of wild steelhead returning to our watersheds each year.  Initially, I thought about painting a strong broadside composition of one of the most beautiful, powerful, and challenging fish anglers pursue, I decided it simply wouldn’t say anything about their fragile situation.  So after going through a lot of compositions and much contemplation, I decided instead to take a minimalist approach, focusing on just the impression of this powerful fish fading into the background and unfortunately if left unchecked, oblivion.”

vnative1 nftimage
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